Concierge Services

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Coordinating with Binderies 

Whitmore Rare Books maintains relationships with several premiere binderies in North America and the U.K.  On certain occasions, we work on a client’s behalf to coordinate binding services. Books will be shipped from our shop to the appropriate bindery, with information on the work to be done and the budget.  Clients will be billed to reimburse WRB for bindery fees and shipping charges.

Clamshell Cases and Slipcases with Chemise

Custom cases are a tried-and-true method of protecting rare material. Designed to fit a specific piece, a clamshell or slipcase with chemise can prevent fading to dust jackets, chipping or wear to delicate bindings, or pressure on joints and hinges. If you purchase a book from us and would like to arrange for the creation of a custom case, please let us know and we can coordinate with a bindery to have a case produced before we ship the book to you.  Additionally, if you decide at a later date that you would like to purchase custom cases, contact us for options and pricing. Cases generally have a lead time of 6-8 weeks and are often in the $400 - $500 range.

Simple Paper Repairs

Rare books should be handled with clean, dry hands and opened at a roughly 90 degree angle. But we know that accidents happen. In the event that a hinge cracks during reading, or a page tears, binders can perform simple repairs to shore up and strengthen some books. Please reach out to us to discuss whether repairs are appropriate for your book, and we may be able to give you estimates and make arrangements on your behalf with a bindery. Simple paper repair work has a lead time of approximately 4 weeks.

Custom Leather Binding

In some instances, a binding can be worth more than the book that it holds. This is due to the artistry and skill required to create a lavish full-leather binding. We work with some of the finest binderies in the world when repairing a valuable leather binding or recreating a binding to an antique style. Price-ranges can vary dramatically depending on the type of binding desired. Lead time is often 3-6 months for custom leather binding work.

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