Our History

Whitmore Rare Books was founded in 2010 with the aim of drawing together exceptional first editions of important literary works.  Over the past several years, the shop has become a world-class destination for both seasoned collectors as well as those people newly discovering the field.  WRB maintains a reputation for rigorous research and integrity, for discriminating taste, and for creating a space where collectors can interact with amazing copies of the books they love.


Meet our Team

Photo of Dan Whitmore

Dan Whitmore

Founder & President

A Pasadena native, Dan earned his BA in Economics from Middlebury College before acquiring his JD from the University of Pennsylvania. Returning home to California, his passion for exceptional books drew him onto a new career path. Shifting from collecting to book dealing, he founded Whitmore Rare Books in 2010 with the goal of developing a shop focused on exceptional first editions. An avid outdoorsman, Dan is a traveler, a fly-fisherman, and an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker (in 2001). When not at the shop, he can be found happily at home with his wife and their energetic family of four sons.

Photo of Darinka Whitmore

Darinka Whitmore

Art Director

Darinka grew up in Bolivia and earned her degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Privada Boliviana. Having enjoyed time in the U.S. during her childhood, she relocated permanently in 2009. As Dan’s wife and a founding contributor to WRB, Darinka lends her vision to the shop by overseeing photography and graphic design decisions to ensure that all visual content remains on point. She also manages an active and happy household of two dogs and four sons.

Photo of Miranda Garno Nesler

Miranda Garno Nesler

Director of Women's Literature and History

Miranda serves as the WRB specialist in women’s history and the liaison to institutional clientele, in addition to managing daily operations. With a PhD in Literature and Gender Studies from Vanderbilt University, she is deeply committed to the collection and preservation of rare books and manuscripts. Outside the shop, she spends her time improving her upper-cut at the local boxing club, tackling her ever-expanding reading list, and overseeing the growth of an extensive shoe collection.

Photo of Ben Beck

Ben Beck

Ben joined WRB in early 2020 as the associate supporting daily shop operations, including shipping logistics and client services. He holds a PhD in English from UCLA, with expertise in American literature, African American literature, and book history. Outside of the shop, when not thinking about skiing, wilderness canoeing, and other outdoor adventures, Ben enjoys spending time cooking and exploring southern California with his family.

Sheena Lad


With a BA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, Sheena uses her well-honed eye to create WRB’s striking catalogue and website photos. A Ventura County original, she now calls LA her home. Sheena’s love for travel has taken her to 5 out of the 7 continents thus far, with her camera leading her toward more adventures to come.

Photo of Julissa Moreira

Julissa Moreira

Graphic Designer

After a childhood in Ecuador, Julie moved to Bolivia for four years and earned her degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Privada Boliviana. An admitted “handmade-aholic,” she spends her spare time crafting and taking on DIY projects at home, with her husband and baby. At WRB, she uses over a decade of experience in editorial design to develop elegant, on-brand print and email marketing.