Our History

At Whitmore Rare Books, we believe that great literature and rare books are intrinsically relevant to the modern world. Founded by Dan Whitmore in 2010, our company builds upon this passion for the written word and its preservation for future generations. While our inventory is varied and encompasses many genres, we focus on important books from the last six centuries: from the invention of the printing press to cherished works of the twenty-first century. Our unifying theme is quality. We seek the finest examples of a particular title and offer them with integrity.

About Dan Whitmore

Even while studying law, Dan eagerly collected rare and first edition books, drawing upon his love for great literature and a voracious appetite for reading. After graduating and working for a prestigious law firm, Dan decided to follow his passion full time and opened Whitmore Rare Books as an avenue for fellow collectors to seek books of the highest quality. Dan works with his wife, Darinka, a talented graphic designer and photographer, who handles the artistic side of the business. Following several successful years building an international clientele and a world-class inventory, Whitmore Rare Books continues to be an important destination in the world of rare books.