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Representing Clients at Auction

Whitmore Rare Books monitors local and international auctions on a weekly basis in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge of the trade and to acquire fresh material for inventory.  We also selectively assist clients with whom we have long-term collecting relationships, representing them at auction and bidding on their behalf.

While participation in auctions has always required knowledge of the material and its market, as well as an understanding of budgets and fees, auctions have become increasingly unpredictable in recent times. Experienced and new collectors alike can benefit from the guidance of experts who can help them avoid costly mistakes that affect the integrity of a library or destabilize its budget.

When acting as a client’s representative at auction, Whitmore Rare Books charges a 10% commission on the auction invoice.  Whether we  locate appropriate items to bid on and alert a client, or the client reaches out with a bidding request, our team will vet the material on the client’s behalf.  In addition to gathering images and condition reports from the auction house, our specialists will conduct market research so that a client understands the commercial value of the book or manuscript being considered. After receiving a budget and developing a bidding strategy, we will execute bids on the client’s behalf, up to the agreed upon maximum.  If successful, we coordinate payment and shipping logistics with the auction house and confirm the authenticity of the item upon receipt, before shipping it safely and securely over to the client.  If interested, please reach out to one of our specialists to discuss how we may be able to assist you.