Annual Volumes 1-26

Oxford: Printed for the Walpole Society by Horace Hart, 1912-1938.

A significant collection of scholarship and criticism from the Walpole Society

(Item #3824) Annual Volumes 1-26. Walpole Society.

Annual Volumes 1-26

Oxford: Printed for the Walpole Society by Horace Hart, 1912-1938. 1st Printing. Original quarter blue cloth over gray printed boards. Twenty six large quarto volumes (12 3/8 x 10 in; 313 x 253 mm). Illustrations throughout, some in color. A Very Good set.

"The Walpole Society was formed in 1911, and was named after Horace Walpole (1717-1797), who published the first history of art in Britain, basing his work on the manuscript notebooks of George Vertue (1684-1756), which he had acquired. One of the first goals of the Society was to publish the notebooks in their original form, which included much material that Walpole omitted. This took up six volumes as well as an index volume, and was finally completed in 1950. This publication is the single most important source of information concerning art collections, artists, architects and craftsmen working in Britain before the mid-eighteenth century" (The Walpole Society).

Comprised of:

VOLUME 1. (1911-1912)
P.Norman: Nicholas Hilliard, `The Art of Limning'. E.S.Prior: English mediaeval figure-sculpture.
W.R.Lethaby: London and Westminster Painters.
L.O'Malley and C.H.Collins Baker: Reynolds' first portrait of Keppel. A.J.Finberg: Turner's `Isle of Wight' sketch book.

VOLUME 2. (1912-1913)
L.Cust: Hans Eworth.
Mrs.R.L.Poole: The De Critz family of painters. W.R.Lethaby: The Romance Tiles of Chertsey Abbey. E.F.Strange: The Rood-Screen of Cawston Church, Norfolk. A.F.Kendrick: The Hatfield Tapestry of the Seasons.
W.G.Strickland: Hugh Douglas Hamilton, portrait painter. A.Dubuisson: L'influence de Bonington ... en France.

VOLUME 3. (1913-1914)
Mrs.R.L.Poole: Marcus Gheeraerts, father and son. L.Cust: Marcus Gheeraerts.
J.A.Herbert: An English 13th century Psalter (B.M.Roy.i Dix). G.C.Druce: Animals in English wood carvings.
E.W.Tristram: The 17th century painted room from Botolph Lane. C.H.Collins Baker: Edmund Ashfield.
A.J.Finberg: Turner's `South Wales' sketch-book-I. C.E.Hughes: Bonington's parents.
L.Cust and others: Additional notes on Hans Eworth. L.Cust and A.M.Hind: George Vertue's note-books.

VOLUME 4. (1914-1915)
R.W.Goulding: Welbeck Abbey Miniatures

VOLUME 5. (1915-1917)
C.F.Bell: Portrait drawings in Oxford Collections - I. Campbell Dodgson: The etchings of Andrew Geddes.
C.F.Bell: British water-colour painters: James Moore collection. L.Cust: Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire.
M.H.Spielmann: Thomas Gainsborough and Gainsborough Dupont.

VOLUME 6. (1917-1918)
A.J.Finberg: Two portraits of Cornelius Johnson. L.Cust: The Lumley Inventories.
Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Gawen Hamilton.
E.R.Dibdin: Liverpool artists in the 18th century.
A.J.Finberg: Turner's `South Wales' sketch-book-II. Two early works of Sir Joshua Reynolds. R.W.Goulding: A Gheeraerts portrait at Welbeck. The papers of the Society of Artists of Great Britain.

VOLUME 7. (1918-1919)
W.L.Spiers: The note book and account book of Nicholas Stone

VOLUME 8. (1919-1920)
L.Cust: The portraits of Sir Walter Raleigh. R.W.Goulding: Wriothesley portraits.
A.P.OppÈ: Francis Towne.
H.C.Andrews: A lost monument by Nicholas Stone.

VOLUME 9. (1920-1921)
The Earl of Ilchester: Queen Elizabeth's visit to Blackfriars. Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Canaletto in England.
C.R.Grundy: An action brought against Joseph Goupy, 1738. A.J.Finberg: A portrait of Prince Charles by Robert Peake

VOLUME 10. (1920-1921)
A.J.Finberg: Cornelius Johnson. H.M.Hake: Francis Place.
R.W.M.Wright: Farleigh Castle.
Mrs.H.F.Finberg: Canaletto in England, additions.

VOLUME 11. (1922-1923)
M.R.James: An English Bible-picture book (Holkham MS.666). G.F.Hill: Stevan van Herwijck and Stevan van der Meulen.
Mrs.R.L.Poole: Edward Pierce.
J.A.Knowles: Henry Gyles, glass-painter of York. Campbell Dodgson: The etchings of Sir David Wilkie

VOLUME 12. (1923-1924)
P.Simpson and C.F.Bell: Inigo Jones' designs for masques.
(Catalogue of the Chatsworth collection published in conjunction with the Malone Society)

VOLUME 13. (1924-1925)
M.R.James: An English mediaeval sketch-book (Pepysian MS.1916). L.Binyon: The Virginia drawings of John White.
W.T.Whitley: Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bart. A.P.OppÈ: John White Abbott.

VOLUME 14. (1925-1926)
M.R.James: Drawings of Matthew Paris. A.F.Kendrick: Barcheston Tapestries.
C.F.Bell: Portrait drawings in Oxford Collections - II. H.Isherwood Kay: Cotman's letters from Normandy - I.

VOLUME 15. (1926-1927)
McN.Rushworth: Painted windows at the Vyne, Hampshire. Mrs.K.A.Esdaile: John Bushnell.
J.D.Milner: Tilly Kettle.
Isherwood Kay: Cotman's letters from Normandy - II

VOLUME 16. (1927-1928)
M.R.James and E.W.Tristram: Wall paintings at Christ Church, Oxford. Paget Toynbee: Walpole's Journals of visits to country seats.
A.P.OppÈ: A Roman sketch-book of Alexander Cozens.

VOLUME 17. (1928-1929)
M.R.James and E.W.Tristram: Wall paintings at Eton College Chapel and Winchester Cathedral. J.A.Knowles: William Peckitt, glass painter of York.
B.S.Long: Richard Crosse, miniaturist.
Campbell Dodgson: English 15th century devotional woodcuts

VOLUME 18. (1929-1930)
Vertue - I. Autobiography (B.M.,Add.MSS.23070;23091). Note-books A.j. and A.b (Add.MSS.21111;23069)

VOLUME 19. (1930-1931)
W.Foster: British artists in India, 1760-1820. B.Rackham: The glass-paintings of Coventry.
G.F.Webb: Nicholas Hawksmoor's mausoleum at Castle Howard.

VOLUME 20. (1931-1932)
Vertue - II. Note-books A.g. and A.c. (Add.MSS.23070;23075)

VOLUME 21. (1932-1933)
J.G.Mann: English Church monuments, 1536-1625.
G.W.Kendall: John Wootton, life and list of engravings after his pictures. A.J.B.Wace: English embroideries, Sir John Carew Pole collection.
S.D.Kitson: Portrait drawings, Dawson Turner collection. Mrs.K.A.Esdaile: John Bushnell, additional notes.
W.Foster: British artists in India, additional notes.

VOLUME 22. (1933-1934)
Vertue - III. Note-books A.f.,B.4, and another (Add.MSS.23076;23079;23074).

VOLUME 23. (1934-1935)
C.F.Bell and T.Girtin: J.R.Cozens, drawings and sketches

VOLUME 24. (1935-1936)
Vertue - IV. Note-books A.q. and A.x. (Add.MSS.23071;23072).

VOLUME 25. (1936-1937)
M.R. James, O.M: Four Leaves of an English Psalter, 12th century
M.R. James, O.M: An English Picture Book of the Late 13th Century
Eric G. Millar: The Late Dr. M.R. James, O.M.
Sir James L. Caw: Allan Ramsay, Portrait Painter, 1713-1784
M.I. Batten: The Architecture of Dr. Robert Hooke, F.R.S.
Sydney H. Paviere: Biographical Notes on the Devis Family of Painters
G. McN. Rushforth: Additional Notes to the Painted Windows in the Chapel of the Vyne (Vol. XV, 1-20)

VOLUME 26. (1937-1938)
Vertue V.
Vertue's Note Book A.y.y. (Add. MS. 23,073)
Vertue's Note Book A.w. (Add. MS. 22,042)
Vertue's Note Book B.3. (Add. MS. 23,087)
Vertue's Note Book D. 1. (Add. MS. 23,089)
(Item #3824)

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Annual Volumes 1-26
Annual Volumes 1-26